Friday, January 26, 2007


OOo Mac Port - Mac Intel UNO-Bridge complete, testtool is working again!

Two long-standing issues bothered the Mac porting team in the last few month:

1. The UNO-Bridge for Intel Mac's did not work error-free (see #i69351#)
2. The testtool constantly crashed on Intel Mac's (#i69378#)

I'm happy to announce that with the integration of cws 'macosxmapfiles' both issues will be fixed!

But there is more to it than just that. Due to some necessary fixes in the build environment for
Mac OS X the whole installation set is now approx. 50MB smaller than before, the process
of creating shared libraries on Mac OS X is now more reliable and flexible.

This was a rather big child workspace and multiple helping hands did assist me along the way.
I'd like to thank especially Stephan Bergmann, Daniel Boelzle and Pavel Janik for their expertise
and support.

When released, will the intel binaries be separate from ppc, or will they be universal?
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